Boosting Sustainable Growth and Competitiveness of SMEs

"Turkey's First Online Company Analysis Laboratory"

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Boosting Sustainable Growth and Competitiveness of SMEs

"Turkey's First Online Company Analysis Laboratory"

Identify Your Need

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What makes us different is that we have hundreds of years of experience in a scalable, measurable way and at effective costs.
We offer corporate expertise to your service in a way that you can reach instantly online.

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It is the dream of many SMEs to carry our companies into the future, to make them a world brand or to bring them to a standard that can do business anywhere in the world, and of course, to be able to reap the rewards of 20 to 40 years of effort. The first step is to manage our business and resources correctly, quickly, and effectively. To put it differently, it is through establishing a measureable, manageable, and sustainable (MRM) system within the organisation. Your dreams should start with seeing the future. You should have numerical targets that you incorporate into your process.

Our objective is to 

  • turn your dreams into STRATEGIES,
  • your uncertainties into OPPORTUNITIES,
  • and lost time into PROFIT. 

Benefits for SMEs

  • 100% Time Savings
    24x7 access to Consultants and Experts in different branches is available online 

  • Save Money
    Access to information, analysis and experience at a minimum of 60% more affordable prices

  • Create Digital Memory
    Digital memory created by recording all transactions. Smart Company

  • Scalable and Measurable Service
    Instant Reporting Opportunity with Business Intelligence Reports recorded on a cloud-based ERP

  •  Digital Support
    Digital support along the path to SMEs' goals.

We cannot manage what we cannot measure!

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Determine Your Road Map with Business Analyses in Our Analysis Laboratory!

Whether your goal is "Institutionalisation", "Digital transformation", "Smart Company - Smart Business" or you want to create a new innovative product, they all lead to the same door, the same road. Ultimately, you need a "road map".

A roadmap is a visualised version of a strategic plan. In other words, it is the output. So first you need a bold vision of what you want to achieve and a solid strategic plan on how to turn your desires into reality.

Consulting in a Box enables you to determine your road map with business analyses.



​Agile Development, Asset Optimisation, Business-human-technology integration

Corporate Transformation

Business Plan Development, Growth Strategy, Market Entry, Portfolio Diversification, Regulatory Strategy

Strategic Planning

Corporate Finance, Due Diligence, Investor Relations, Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring and Turnaround, Working Capital Optimisation

Financial Management

Sustainability and Carbon Footprint, Carbon Certificate, ISO 14064 Certification, Green Loan Supports


Content Marketing Strategy, Cross-Channel Marketing, Customer Journey Management, Customer Lifecycle Management, Marketing ROI, Pricing, Public Relations

Marketing & Sales

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